Monday, May 23, 2011

Haha... See how well I did with that?

I was just reading someone else's blog and it occurred to me that I also have a blog that I started.  Of course, I have always known about it but funny how easy it is to say your going to do something and never get around to doing it.  My intentions are wonderful but man I just wish that I could fulfill them.  

Things are same ole same ole in my life... always struggling to find time to work on my glass and jewelry.  Always struggling to loose this damn weight and always saying that I am going to finish what I start.  Hmmmm.. see a pattern?

Well, since January I HAVE been working my little bootie off to loose this weight.  I joined a gym, took some nutrition classes and really stuck to it for the most part.  I even lost about 25 pounds.  Since then I have joined a new gym, found a new trainer to keep me motivated and am still struggling to eat the right foods and stay within my calories.  Overall, I am actually pretty darn proud of myself!

I may actually finish something that I start with the weight loss.  You know, its really not just about the weight loss though.  It's all about over all health and its something that in my life I have never really paid that much attention to.  Now that I am coming up on my middle ages I need to stay focused and try to make my body my temple.  I only have it for so much longer and quite honestly, I really want it to last as long as it can.  

Now I just need to see if I can find someway to finish all the other many things that I start!

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